Menu Planning Monday

menu-plan-monday So here we go.  I will attempt what seems to be impossible for me and begin menu planning.  I have done a lot of reading over the past week or so and need some accountability so this is my effort!  We need to save $ on our grocery bill and it seems the best way for me to do that is to menu plan.  Feel free to check out some of the input I got from!

Sunday: B-Eggs & Toast, L- 2nd sunday meal @ church, D- cereal & leftover buffet

Monday: B- Oatmeal & raisins; L- sandwich, pretzels & fruit (this does not change much during the week); D- crock pot chicken, baked polenta & asparagus

Tuesday: B- cereal & peaches; D- Salmon, salad, au gratin potatoes

Wednesday: B- eggs & grits; D- Spinach salad with left over chicken & mac-n-cheese

Thursday: B- messy omelet; D- Skillet dinner with Edamame

Friday: B- cereal & fruit; D- Pizza night

Saturday: B- Pancakes (our tradition), L- Sandwiches, D- Open (family night somewhere)

One of these days I will connect some links to recipes I use.  Not that organized yet. 🙂  What is is that you do to organize your food for your family? Any input would be helpful.  Do you have a set menu you like to follow or is it whatever inspires you?  I am contemplating doing to freezer meals with my mother -in-law (great cook!) so that I can relax on the nights I just want to play with the girls.  You know one of those all in one casseroles deals?!  Happy menu making!

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