Organizing Photos

So the challenge this month at was organizing my pictures.  I have to confess I was not completely successful in finishing what I wanted to do, but am making progress. 

My plan was to upload all the pictures I have stashed digitally to my shutterfly account.  I am at about the 50% mark.  Mainly because I cannot devote the amount of time necessary with 3 little ones around to focus on that particular task.  We have a lot of family in different parts of the country that like to have pictures of my kids and family.  Since I cannot quite afford to send pictures to everyone as often as I would like, this allows them to view and purchase the ones they want.  I do like to use this system to keep my grandparents updated as to what my kids look like.  They really like getting these photos and it gives me another reason to call and check in on them.

 I have also began creating the Shutterfly photobooks.  I really like this idea since I’ve never gotten into scrapbooking, but really love how those look.  Again- I don’t prioritize that high enough.  I can start a project and come back to it.  I save it online for a while and plan on ordering it when I get free shipping on those books.  That could be hefty! I plan on making books annually for our family recap as well as for any of the major kid events, like births or birthdays.  

I also have been using Facebook recently to upload pictures to share with various friends.  Since getting our computer this past month it has been quite a task to get reorganized on the internet world again.  This now allows me to update pictures in the albums I have created in iphoto- love that system!!  I 30+ relatives on this site and knowing alot of them will not order pictures, it is a good way to keep in touch with them.

I have some really old photographs from my grandparents and would like to get those in some protected gear, but for another day!  How have you organized your photos?  Do you have a system that you really like to use?

2 responses to “Organizing Photos

  1. It is definitely a time consuming project! It sounds like you are doing great, keep up the good work!

  2. I have my grandparents’ photos in a couple of places. One place is in three-ring binders in page protectors, and then also in a couple of sterilite bins by decade, along with some memorabilia and postcards. It’s going to be a task when I start really working on all of that.

    I have pictures in my round-up post that you can actually see the three-ring binders, even though I didn’t open them up and take pics.

    You’re doing great…it is harder with kiddos around!

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