Menu Planning Monday

Well, I have not been very good at posting my menu here, I have been planning a good bit.  I have really been shopping hard the sales to get the best deals and then using those meals to build the bulk of my bi-weekly menu.  I have figured out that I do better planning our menus bi-weekly rather than weekly, although I am only sharing a week here at at time.  Any who…here it goes.

Breakfast: (same choices each day) Oatmeal, Eggs & grits, Cereal;  Fruit, toast, & milk are always on the side

Lunch: (Same choices each day) PB & J, Meat & cheese stack ups, Tortilla roll up; Apple/bananna, water, chips/pretzels


Sunday- Breakfast (omelets & toast), apple & banana salad

Monday- Spagehtti & meatballs (Rachel Ray’s from the freezer), cantaloupe

Tuesday- Hot Chicken Salad (freezer) & green beans

Wednesday- Popcorn Shrimp & frozen veggie & pineapple

Thursday- Homemade Pizza night & cantaloupe

Friday- Viola skillet meal (have a conference to attend)

Saturday- Chicken, Rice, & cuban Black beans

Be sure to check out for some other fantastic ideas!


3 responses to “Menu Planning Monday

  1. Those cuban black beans sound really good. How do you make them?

    • Thanks so much for asking! It is not a measuring kind of recipe so I apologize in advance! I soak dried black beans overnight in water with oregano, garlic cloves, and 1/2 of a large onion. The next day I cook them almost all day adding a little water as it cooks down. I do NOT dump the soaking water. I use that as a base to cook them in. I add stuff like cumin & more oregano. I use olive oil towards the end and saute up the other 1/2 of onion and more garlic in a sauce pan, add some of the beans to the pan then dump the whole thing into the big pot. Seasoning to taste with salt, more cumin, more oregano. I like to put it over white rice, but traditionally it is served with Morro- black rice. I’ll see if there is anything more to it when I cook it up for this weekend!

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